PDFen can convert the following file formats/extensions to PDF

With the PDFen-tools you can convert multiple types of files to PDF files or PDF/A files. It enables you to have access and open your files on virtually all devices: computer, iPad, tablet and smartphone.

Supported extensions in PDFen

Converting Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) to PDF

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Powerpoint

Converting images and scans (jpg, png, gif, pdf, tif) to PDF

PDFen enables you to apply OCR on images and scans. That way, you can easily search and select texts within the pictures/images.

 * With transparent png's you might get a black background in stead of a white one.

Converting Text (txt) and Rich Text Document (rtf) to PDF

Converting e-mail and attachments to PDF

Converting folders and ZIP to PDF


Converting OpenOffice and LibreOffice (odt, ods, odp) to PDF

Converting to PDF/A

PDFen can also convert your generated PDF to PDF/A.

Do you want to convert other filetypes? Please contact us about the possibilities!