Convert your emails to PDF files (eml, msg and outlook)

Want to convert your emails to PDF with attachments?

  • Upload your eml, outlook msg or outlook pst files
  • Convert them as separate pdf files and download the result as a zip file

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How to convert email to PDF?

Outlook E-mails

You can convert Outlook mails in 2 ways to PDF.

  1. Make an export of multiple folders to an Outlook PST file and convert your PDF file to a PDF/A file using PDFen.
    Read more about it in: "Convert Outlook pst files to PDF, with attachments and folderstructurEmail to PDFe"
  2. Save your e-mail in Outlook as an msg file and upload your *.msg files to PDFen. PDFen can then convert your files and/or combine them in PDF/A.
    Read more about it in: "Convert your outlook mail (msg files) to PDF"

Other e-mail clients like Thunderbird

Save your e-mails as an *.eml file and upload your *.eml files to PDFen. PDFen will then convert and/or combine your e-mail files (eml) into PDF/A.
Read more about it in: "Convert your email eml files including attachments to PDF

Why convert email to PDF?

There are many reasons why to convert email to PDF but the most common reason is that you want to be sure that you won't lose your email. Another reason why to convert email to PDF is to clear some space in your mailing box. With it is even possible to convert your email including attachments to PDF or PDF/A. This means that nothing get lost and that you can convert all your emails even the ones with attachments!