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Our reviews:

Review Anonymous

Very simple and easy to use. It helped me at that time when most need it to be quick and efficient. It took me a while to understand that is not working with high MB but at the end worth it. Conversion of my outlook items saved in one folder and was the only way found it online. I paid because I need it for my work and for many files. Easy to prepare you task when you have a dead line. Thanks!


Review Rohini Thapa

It is really wonderful feeling working with PDFen. The ease of converting and merging gives us time to finish our work with full confidence and satisfaction. So nicely I am able to merge and convert my worksheets that I get appreciations from my heads. Thank You so Much!


Review Anonymous



Review Anonymous

Amazing! Made my job so much easier. I needed to create a pdf from a large amount of emails with attachments. In the past, this would have taken me a very long time but with PDFEN, I was done in less than 30 minutes. Saved the firm a lot of time and money


Review Gulshan Dhawan 

Amazing site, it made matters so simple , did conversion and merging too easy


Review Anonymous

A splendid tool!


Review Gregory Diana

Although I am not a big user I found it did exactly what I needed it to do and would recommend to others. The ability to merge Outlook mail, Word, PPT etc and PDF is great and the creation of bookmarks is great. I used for legal document preparation and it worked 200%!


Review Anonymous

PDFen is one of those invaluable utilities that "just works". No more messing around converting files individually then merging them together in Acrobat... just upload the contents of your folder to PDFen and bingo, there it is, all in one neat combined file. It handles so many different types of file effortlessly (including .msg emails, which other software just doesn't seem to be able to convert properly) and the bookmarks it adds into the PDF itself are invaluable, absolutely invaluable. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the great tool, PDFen!


Review John van Campenhout

PDFen is easy to use and I recommend PDFen to any other user.


Review Doug Keeley

Thank you!! I have spent hours trying to convert some .msg files to a form I could read on my Mac with no luck. Then I found you. Easy to use, fast, and free! Thank you thank you for your great product.


Review John Lawrence 

I needed to convert my zip file into one PDF file to sent it to my boss but I really didn't know how. Then I found PDFen.com and I converted my zip file into PDF within a few seconds. Thank you very much!