Using PDFen, it is fast and easy to convert Outlook e-mails and folders (including attachments and preservation of folder structure) to PDF or PDF/A.

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Does your PST contain more then 2 e-mails or do you want to convert your email to PDF/A?


  1. Sign up to PDFen for free. Now you are able to convert more emails.
  2. Upload your PST file(s). 
  3. In the options you can choose to convert the e-mails to PDF/A (and whether or not you want to only convert the attachments or e-mails).
  4. Click "Convert" and PDFen generates a ZIP file with all the converted e-mails in the same folder structure, which you can subsequently download.

How do I make a PST file?

For an extensive explanation of how to make a PST file, we refer you to 'How do you export Outlook mail (to a pst file)?'.

The big advantage of converting Outlook files to PDF using PST files is the fact that you do not need to convert your e-mails one by one using MSG files. It can be done very easily in one go.

Should something not be clear enough, or do you have other questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Outlook PST files to PDF