PDF optimization - optimize or compress your PDF

There are several reasons why you want to optimize and/or compress your PDF files. Reasons could be: 

  • To send via e-mail
  • web optimized PDF, also called a 'linear PDF'.
  • Reduce storage on your computer or network drive without losing print quality
  • ...

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PDFen offer 3 optimization options as standard

Compress PDF with shade of gray 

Optimize PDF settingsDo you want to send your PDF file via e-mail or send it somewhere else where the content is more important than the quality (of the color of the illustrations, for example)?

Then go to Compress PDF to a smaller file and compress your PDF as much as possible.

Optimize PDF for web publishing - linear PDF (our standard optimization)

When optimizing a PDF for web publication (placing it on a website) you can think of 2 things: 

  1. Reduce your PDF, so downloading takes less time. 
  2. Making your PDF linear so that the content of the PDF is displayed faster in a browser (such as Chrome or Safari).

Do you want this? Then go to optimize PDF files for web publication - Linear PDF and optimize your PDF files for web publication! 

PDF optimization for printing 

Compress your PDF as much as possible without compromising (normal) print quality. This means that you need less storage for your PDF files with the option of printing it representative. 

Go to Optimize PDF files for printing and compress your PDF so that they can also be printed properly.