Convert your Excel files to PDF

Convert multiple Excel files at once to PDF.

  • Upload your Excel files you like to convert to PDF
  • Convert them
  • Download the zip file with all the PDF files included

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Will your Excel files still be openend in 15 years and will they look the same?

Probably not!
Make sure you digital archive is correct and convert your Excel files to the archive standard PDF/A (What is PDF/A?).

Why should I use to convert Excel to PDF/A?

With you can upload many files at once, so no need to do it one by one.

  1. Upload your Excel files
  2. Make sure/check that in "More Options", PDF/A is enabled
  3. Choose "Convert"

You will receive a zip file with all your converted Excel files converted to PDF/A.

Print layout of Excel

The only thing you need to make sure is that your Excel files have the right print area set up, so they are printed properly on a PDF.

How to convert Excel to PDF?

It is really easy to convert Excel to PDF with You only have to upload your Excel file(s) into the converter and then click on the converter button. Now your Excel file(s) are converted to PDF! That's all, so it is really easy to convert Excel to PDF with

How do you convert more Excel to PDF?

If you want to convert a few files it is totally free to convert Excel to PDF. If you haven't an account yet you can convert 2 times a maximum of 3 Excel files per hour. If you want to convert more then you could register for free and you can convert 20 files now. If you want to convert even more, with no maximum of how many files and without waiting time then it is a good thing to close a license.