Convert your ZIP-files easily to loose PDF file(s)

Do you have ZIP-files in multiple folders which you want to have converted to PDF? Then is PDFen the solution! PDFen gives you the opportunity to convert your ZIP-file to loose PDF file(s).

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Why are ZIP files useful?

ZIP files have a number of benefits. First of all, a ZIP file could consist out of different kind of file types and that is why different files and folders could be merged in one compressed folder ( a ZIP file). Besides a ZIP file takes up less space than every loose file added together. This could be very handy, for example, if you want to send more folders and files together it is really handy if you use a ZIP file.

How to create a ZIP file?

A ZIP file is really easy to make. You only need to select different folders and files, click on the right mouse button and then choose the option 'copy to compressed file'. Your ZIP file will be saved as a folder in the same map that you are in.

Convert ZIP to PDF!

Convert your ZIP files to PDF with At PDFen your files will always be converted safe and secure to PDF! 


Do you have questions about how to create a ZIP file, how to convert a ZIP file to a pdf-file, or about another service that we offer you? Then please contact us and we would love to help you! Do you want to save your ZIP file as a PDF/A file, click on 'more options' and then select PDF/A or you can upload your ZIP file by digital archiving.