Convert your e-mail EML files including attachments to PDF or PDF/A

With PDFen it is easy to convert your e-mails, including attachments, to PDF. You can choose to convert a single e-mail, but it is also possible to convert multiple e-mails to PDF. Below, you can read what an EML file is, how to create it and how to convert it to PDF. Also curious about the advantages of a paid account at

More options?

  • More than 3 files at once
  • No waiting

  • ... and more!

More options?

  • More than 3 files at once
  • No waiting

  • ... and more!

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It is also possible to merge multiple eml files to one PDF.

How to convert EML to PDF

Converting your EML files via PDFen works as follows:


  1. Upload your EML files
  2. Choose convert or merge (choose convert in case you do not want to merge the EML files)
  3. Optionally, adjust the order of the files
  4. Download your PDF


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What is an EML file?

An EML file is a format that is used by many e-mail clients to save e-mails on your PC or laptop. Applications which make use of the EML format are for example Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook Express, IBM's Lotus Notes and Windows Mail.

How to create an EML file

Creating an EML file is rather easy. Simply write or edit an e-mail and save it using the "Save as" button, which can usually be found under the "File" button in the top left corner of your window. If you need any help with finding or creating an EML file, don't hesitate to contact us.

PDFen supports MSG conversion

Besides EML to PDF conversion, you can also convert the standard Outlook file format: MSG to PDF.

Advantages of a paid account

There are many advantages of a paid account at One of the most common reason is that you can convert or merge a lot of files to PDF or PDF/A, you can even convert them all at once! How many files you are able to convert depends on how many documents your license has. For example if you want to merge 30 files (that could be all different files like 10 ZIP files, 12 EML files and 8 Word files) to one PDF or PDF/A file, you can easily do that with just one click! Another advantage is that you are able to convert as many times as you like without waiting time. For example, you can convert 60 times or more in a row without any waiting time! It is also possible to use custom made frontpages with a paid account! With the premium license is it even possible to share your account with multiple people! Check all the licenses or one time options here: PDFen licenses. 

Eml e-mail files converted to PDF

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