Merge your word files to one PDF or PDF/A file!

Merge your Word files to one PDF or PDF/A file! If you want to know more about PDF/A, please read the article: What is PDF/A? Do you want to know the advantages of a paid account? Read it below! 

Get started right away!

More options?

  • More than 3 files at once
  • No waiting

  • ... and more!

More options?

  • More than 3 files at once
  • No waiting

  • ... and more!

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Why merge multiple Word files to one PDF?

There can be many reason to merge Word files into one PDF. You want:

  • Order your Word files
  • Many Word files send at once in an e-mail
  • Loose Word files merged into one document for a report or file
  • ...

Sure, you can copy-paste manually all your Word files into one document, but this is time consumnig. With PDFen your done within a minute:

  1. Upload your Word documents
  2. Drag and drop them in the right order
  3. Click on Merge

Want a table of content?

If you want PDFen to generate a table of content for you, just register for free and choose the right template (in "More Options").

Advantages of a paid account

A paid account at has many advantages. One big advantage is that you can convert or merge a lot of files to PDF or PDF/A, how many files exactly depends on what license you have and how many documents you have. You are also able to convert as many files as you want at once! For example, if you want to merge 100 files or more (that could be all different files like 30 ZIP files, 20 PDF files, 45 Word files and 5 Excel files) to one PDF or PDF/A file, all you have to do is drop these files in the converter and click on 'merge'. Another advantage is that you can convert as many times in a row as you want, without waiting time! For example, you can convert 20 times or more in a row without waiting time! It is also possible to use custom made frontpages with a paid account! It is even possible to share your account with multiple people, if you have the premium license! Check all the licenses or one time options here: PDFen licenses. 


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