Merge word files to PDF or PDF/A file!

Merge your Word files to one PDF or PDF/A file! If you want to know more about PDF/A, please read the article: What is PDF/A? Get started right away!

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Why merge multiple Word files to one PDF?

There can be many reason to merge Word files into one PDF. You want:

  • Order your Word files
  • Many Word files send at once in an e-mail
  • Loose Word files merged into one document for a report or file
  • ...

Sure, you can copy-paste manually all your Word files into one document, but this is time consumnig. With PDFen your done within a minute:

  1. Upload your Word documents
  2. Drag and drop them in the right order
  3. Click on Merge

Want a table of content?

If you want PDFen to generate a table of content for you, just register for free and choose the right template (in "More Options").