PDFen for your organisation - business or government 

Many companies and organizations, mainly government agencies or healthcare institutions are increasingly required to save their documents as PDF/A. This is because PDF/A is a variant of PDF that has been specially developed for archiving and saving files for the long term. Do you want to know more about PDF/A? Then click here!

As a result, more than 15 municipalities and many companies and organizations have partnered with PDFen.com! This can be done in two different ways! 

1. Premium License - Cloud solution

With a premium license, everyone can log in to your organization at www.pdfen.com with their own business email address and use the same bundle. So you do NOT pay per user, but for a bundle. In this way, your entire organization can easily use the website www.pdfen.com! 

That is how it works:

The premium license was purchased with the email address (main user). For example, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Afterwards, all users with the email domain This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' can use this license. They just need to register and activate the account at www.pdfen.com. The license is automatically linked to the users.

You can read how documents are calculated here


  • Everyone in your organization can always use this. No separate license per user! 
  • Bulk conversions (lots of files at once) possible, making it easy to convert many files at once.

PDFen.com is careful and safe with your files! For example, your files are automatically removed from our server, no one sees your files and we have a confidentiality obligation. More information about PDF security can be read here

2. PDFen on location 

We also offer another solution for you if you do not want files to be converted via the 'web': PDFen on location. This can be benificial since the PDFen software is installed on your internal server, so your files never leave the building.

Would you like to know more about one of these options? Please do not hesitate to contact us

What can you do with PDFen?

PDFen has many different functionalities, they are briefly shown below:

  • bulk conversions (convert many files at once)
  • Convert to PDF 
  • Convert to PDF/A 
  •  Merge files to PDF or PDF/A 
  • Add text recognition/OCR to your PDF or PDF/A
  • Shrink PDF
  • Convert different file types to PDF or PDF/A at the same time 
  • Are you missing something? Contact us and we will try to arrange it! 

Read here which files can be converted by PDFen.com! If you want to convert other files, you can always contact us!