PDFen loyalty bonus

The moment you are involved in sharing PDFen.com with the rest of the world, there is a form of appreciation that we would love to give back! The moment you share pages/articles of us on social media, you receive a loyalty bonus consisting of credits.

How does it work? 

At the bottom of each page you will see 4 symbols, 3 of these are from social media platforms. When you share a page/article with this button you will get a bonus of 20 credits. You will receive these 20 credits on top of your current credits.

You can click on the 'different' symbol if you have placed a post on sociale media yourself (without the buttons of the site). If you then fill in the pop up with where we can find your post, we will look at it and at the moment we approve it you will also get 20 credits from PDFen.com. You can also use this button when you have written a (positive) article on a blog or website about PDFen, the moment we approve it you will receive 50 credits as a loyalty bonus! 

PDFen will first use your own credits and when these are used the credits you have obtained through the loyalty bonus will be used. 

What happens if I abuse the loyalty bonus? 

The moment we find out that you are sharing our pages/articles via for example fake account, you are no longer loyal. In fact, you are trying to abuse our services. When PDFen.com detects this, PDFen.com can block your account