New system for PDFen for free users

At PDFen, we look forward to offering you the best possible service for the lowest possible price! Therefore, PDFen has applied a new system for you! This article explains the new system!

When you use our website as a guest you will no longer find PDF stamps in your PDF.

From now on you can convert 2 times a maximum of 3 file(s) to a PDF per half hour. So if you want to convert more than 2 times you will have to wait half an hour or you can choose to create a free account with the rule that you can make 3 per 25 minutes. Moreover, with a free account you can convert up to 5 file(s) at once!

It remains true that a PDF/A file cost 2 'credits'. This means that converting 2 files to a PDF cost the same as converting 1 file to a PDF/A file.

If you do not want to wait any minute or if you want to convert more files at once, you can simply switch to a paid account. From now on you will get more files for the same price as before. With the basic package you get 500 documents per month! With the complete package you receive 2500 documents per month! And with the premium package you get 10.000 documents per month!

Just in short!

- Free users no longer have a PDF stamp in their PDFs!
- Guest users can convert 2 times a maximum of 3 files to a PDF per half hour.
- Free accounts can convert 3 times a maximum of 5 files to a PDF per half hour.
- You will now receive more documents for the same money with our paid accounts!