Issue #2: PDF/A is not created when a PDF attachment of a mail is invalid

Priority: HIGH

Status: SOLVED

Reported on: 2018-05-09

Solved on: 2018-05-31

Ticket no: 11419


MSG or EML files can have PDF/A attachments linked to them. If these PDF/A attachments are invalid, PDFen is not able to create a PDF/A of the EML or MSG file


It is a relatively common problem that mails come with corrupted PDF attachments that will cause issues.
In this case, the PDF/A conversion issue encountered is due to a violation of a text operator sequence rule in the contents stream of the attachment. This causes an input document corruption error which is propagated by the document converter as a PDF/A conversion warning.


PDFen did not create the PDF when we encountered errors/corrupt files in the email. However in most cases we were able to convert it just fine even with corrupted files. So we have added 'tolerance' and ignore some warnings. In most of the cases this will result in the desired PDF/A file. However the user is informed that he needs to check the result, since we are not 100% sure if is convert how it suppose to.