PDFen has a new website! What has changed and what are the benefits?

New website, new PDFen?

Firstly, we would like to emphasize that nothing has changed in terms of functionalities! That is to say, everything you could do with PDFen before is still possible, just simpler! 

As you can see the website has a new layout. This layout makes it much easier to choose to merge or convert, to add other functionalities such as PDF/A and text recognition or to upload files! The logo is changed too.

In addition, a major change have been made to the website for non-Europeans. It is now possible to pay with dollars (USD)! Furthermore, we hope that we have made a clearer website for you. For this, we have listened to your feedback! We would like to hear if you think there is still somehting missing, please let us know here. If you are satisfied with the new website let us know by a review.

Hopefully you like the new website!