When you are looking for a conversion software for in your company then has PDFen two options for you! Are you curious about what these options are and what it would probably cost? Then read further below! 

Option 1: All your employees/ users can use the www.pdfen.com website to convert the files 

  • we agree on a certain credits per month (we can monitor how much you need)
  • You get one main account based on your domain for example "pdfen.com" and all users which log in with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. can use the credits from this main account. 
  • This contract starts from €30 per month (10.000 credits per month, please check here how credits are calculated)
  • Users do not need any software on there laptop/workstation. Only a browser to acces www.pdfen.com 
  • You can start right away after payment. 

This is a summary of all that's in option 1. If you are interested in this you can contact us for more information or you can just buy it as the premium option by licenses

Option 2: On-premise solution

When you really need to convert many files per month you might consider to use our on-premise solution. 

PDFen.com has what you are looking for, but you don't want it as a cloud solution. Although PDFen.com is a secure cloud solution, we also understand that it is not desirable or legally allowed for some companies that documents be offered over the internet at PDFen.com for conversion. In that case you could consider installing our conversion software in your own infrastructure and using the conversion options that we also offer at PDFen.com (and more if necessary).


  • You are not legally or commercially allowed to send (confidential) documents to PDFen.com to have them converted
  • You want to convert more than 100,000 documents per year
  • You have the option installing your own windows server within your infrastructure

This solution starts from €5000 euro a year.

Naturally, PDFen provides appropriate support for installation, maintenance and questions. You also receive regular updates of the software.

If you want to know more read the article about this option or contact us